bodega tomas restaurant


At our restaurant, the diversity of flavors is our distinctive signature. From timeless classics like the ‘callos,’ a legendary recipe passed down by Grandfather Miquel, to ribs lacquered with hoisin sauce that will transport you on a journey across other continents. Each dish is a narrative, a story that evokes deep roots and authentic flavors.

Nevertheless, in our gastronomic journey, we never lose sight of our roots or forget the importance of the basics: the connection with the land. An example of this is our homage to good ‘pa amb tomàquet’ (bread with tomato), a simple yet exceptional delight that celebrates authentic flavors and the quality of ingredients.

Traditional Catalan cuisine with authentic flavors

With every bite, we seek to honor tradition and explore new flavors. Our commitment to excellence and authenticity is reflected in every detail, from the most traditional dishes to the most innovative creations.

Let yourself be seduced by the passion we dedicate to each recipe, and join us in discovering the very essence of gastronomy, where flavors from the past merge with the excitement of the new, creating a culinary experience that will captivate you in every sense