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In the kitchen of Masia Can Tomàs we maintain the philosophy of Bodega Tomàs Original but with a more traditional spirit. We cook respecting the local produce and incorporating grilled delicacies, rice dishes and lots of chup-chup, our commitment lies in highlighting the flavor of local ingredients, incorporating authentic delicacies from the region and preparations that honor the essence of Catalan cuisine.

From the entrecote from Girona, to the unparalleled premium old cow steak that you can eat on the stone. The embers are lit early in the morning to offer a culinary experience of exceptional Catalan cuisine. Juicy lamb ribs, delicious Iberian lizard and beef entraña are also carefully selected dishes for you to enjoy the charcoal-grilled flavor.

Traditional cuisine and spoon dishes

Rice dishes and paellas are other options that attract more customers to the masia: black rice, rice with lobster, the dry rice of the master … and the open kitchen on the terrace whets the appetite of anyone.

The chup chup and traditional dishes such as cod a la llauna or braised veal stew are the chef’s specialties, which together with suggestions with local market produce complete the succulent menu. Knife and fork breakfasts, a local tradition, are also enjoyed with real pleasure in every bite.

The calçots, a typical dish of the region, and its famous calçotada, become unique events in our spaces from January, joining seasonal dishes such as snails a la llauna, grilled artichokes and mushrooms.

masia can tomas