Like Bodega, you also come here to drink. On the menu, you will find wines from the land, wines with personality; wines designed to pair with our dishes and enjoy every sip.

Vermouth becomes part of our culture, a way of life that goes back to the 19th century. On our menu you will find everything from classic vermouths such as the Martini to cocktails made with vermouths and our special, made here, La Bodega.


Our large shelf shows the passion we have for wines. To pair with our dishes, you will find wines of different types, smells and flavors; most of the land.

In our large mirror in the main room you will find proposals for selected wines that come from different wineries and that will accompany our “offa de la carte” weekly to surprise you.



Vermouth is much more than a drink, it is part of our way of understanding life and spending time with friends and family, of our culture. On our menu you will find a very special vermouth, made at home.

Accompany it with canned food, and our classic tapas that the chef reinterprets every week to make way for the most awaited weekend moment.